How Long Should I Expect Tummy Tuck Recovery to Take?

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The time needed for tummy tuck recovery varies with each patient and each unique procedure. In general, you can expect tummy tuck recovery to take about six to eight weeks. However, Dr. Bogue offers our patients a range of tummy tuck procedure options—from a mini tummy tuck to eliminate a moderate amount of fat and excess skin below the navel to an extended tummy tuck to tighten the entire abdomen and outer thighs. The more extensive your procedure, the more downtime you should expect during recovery.

Recovery Time for Tummy Tuck

For the majority of tummy tuck patients, returning to work and most daily activities can resume in two to four weeks following surgery. More strenuous activities, such as heavy lifting or running, are not recommended for six to eight weeks after surgery.

In consultation with Dr. Bogue, you can discuss the recovery timeline specific to your surgery and get all of your questions answered about the procedure.

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