Latisse® Solution

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Latisse for longer, thicker eyelashes | David Bogue MDIf you have short or sparse upper eyelashes and desire longer, darker and thicker lashes, Latisse® Solution may be a good choice for you. Many individuals would prefer to have bold eyelashes without applying mascara every day. These patients may be ideal candidates for Latisse Solution eyelash enhancement.

Studies show that roughly 80 percent of Latisse Solution users achieve a significant increase in length, darkness, and fullness of their eyelashes. You can obtain Latisse from Dr. Bogue after a standard examination to review your medical history. Potential side effects will be discussed during your consultation. Once you have been instructed on proper application, we provide you with your Latisse.

Is Latisse Solution Right for Me?

Latisse is a stunning product for increasing eyelash growth. In fact, Dr. Bogue has had patients who have actually had to trim their eyelashes due to the length and fullness. If you desire fuller, longer lashes then Latisse is right for you!

How Is Latisse Solution Applied?

Latisse Solution is applied daily using applicators provided. Each box comes with enough applicators for 30 days. At any given time, ~1/3 of your eyelashes are in a growing phase. The solution encourages more rapid growth of the eyelash hairs when they are in this phase. Therefore it takes a few months to see the full effect of Latisse®.

What Is the Recovery after Latisse Solution?

There is no recovery for application of Latisse Solution. Care must be taken on application to prevent hair growth in unwanted areas.

How Much Does Latisse Solution Cost?

Our price for Latisse Solution is $125 per box. A box provides enough solution for 30 days.

For more information about Latisse Solution and other noninvasive cosmetic procedures at our Boca Raton office, please complete the form on this page or call (561) 886-1002 today for your complimentary consultation. David Bogue MD serves patients throughout South Florida, including West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and other areas.

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