Top 3 Questions Surrounding BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatments


If you’re looking for BOTOX® treatments in the Boca Raton, FL area, then look no further than here at David Bogue MD Plastic Surgery. We love providing our patients with the knowledge they need to make professionally informed decisions about their cosmetic health. BOTOX cosmetic treatments are incredibly popular and very successful in giving individuals their youthful looks back. But there are also a lot of questions surrounding this treatment that we want to help answer for both our current and potential future clients.

What Exactly Is BOTOX?

Well, you would be surprised to know that it is actually a drug that is derived from a toxin found in various bacteria. Said toxin has been synthesized and refined so that it is safe to use for various medical purposes. The main one is the tightening and swelling of facial muscles so that wrinkles and lines vanish from your appearance, giving you a more youthful appearance. Typically this is done through an injection of this drug that will then start taking effect typically within the first week of treatment after. And again, while you may read the word toxin and get worried, many modern medicines are refined in similar manners, and it is entirely safe for your well-being.

Okay, It’s Safe, but What Exactly Does It Do?

So what the drug does is it partially paralyzes your inner facial muscles forcing them to tighten up and become taught for an extended period of time. In a way, it blocks the nerves in those areas from receiving the signals that would typically tell your facial muscles to relax. These relaxation signals are what cause your skin to loosen up and lead to wrinkles and lines. However, a BOTOX treatment halts this process and also reverts the lines by both blocking those signals and tightening up the skin back to a level in which there is no excess skin for wrinkles or lines to form.

How Long Does This Treatment Last?

On average you get the best results from BOTOX for about 6 months after the treatment. From there you may need a touch up which you can discuss with Dr. Bogue. If he deems it safe for you to receive said treatment then we’ll get you scheduled just like the first time and it will be a breeze. If you feel you need a touch-up sooner let’s say around the 3-month mark, the process is the same. Have a brief consultation with the doctor to see how your skin and body are doing with the treatment and if it’s safe, another treatment can be done.

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