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Having overly large breasts not only causes a variety of painful physical symptoms, they can also affect your self-esteem and confidence. Breast reduction surgery gives you a comfortable breast size and alleviates the back, neck and shoulder pain associated with heavy, dense breasts.

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The outstanding Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast reduction has the following benefits:

  • Eliminates excessive breast weight
  • Improves breast shape, size and position
  • Alleviates symptoms caused by large breasts

Health insurance sometimes covers the costs of breast reduction; it depends on the circumstances of your situation. Each health insurance company will have a different definition of “medical necessity” – the criteria required for them to pay for the procedure. The usual requirements for breast reduction coverage depend on the amount of weight estimated for removal, the symptoms you are experiencing and whether you have seen other healthcare providers, such as a spine surgeon or physical therapist, because of your large breast symptoms.

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for an insurance company to deny coverage because they have decided the procedure is cosmetic in nature. If that is the case, we offer financing through CareCredit so that you can apply to pay for your breast reduction in monthly installments.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery?

The only way to know if you are a good candidate for breast reduction is to visit Dr. Bogue. Generally speaking, women seeking this breast procedure are often doing so for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Displeasure or self-consciousness with the large size of your own breasts
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Skin irritation beneath your breasts
  • Skin indents or soreness from bra straps digging into your shoulders
  • Discomfort when exercising
  • Discomfort in clothes and swimsuits
  • Asymmetry of breast size and shape

Breast Reduction Before & After Photos

"Dear Dr. Bogue, I would like to thank you and your staff for the patience and excellent care you have given me. A special thanks for your kind heart. You have made a difference in my health and life. You are certainly a special doctor."

- Linda

How to prepare for Breast Reduction Surgery

Here are a few ways you can expect to prepare:

  • Think about the exact breast characteristics you’d like to change and what those changes would be
  • Schedule a consultation with Dr. Bogue
  • Review Dr. Bogue’s before-and-after images of the procedure Schedule surgery
  • Fill any prescriptions from Dr. Bogue
  • Get plenty of quality sleep Eat well and avoid excessive alcohol consumption
  • Quit smoking several weeks before surgery and be prepared to continue abstaining for at least several weeks after
  • Prepare your home with everything you want while you recover (frozen meals, a cozy relaxation spot, movie/audiobook/podcast downloads, books, etc.)
  • Follow our instructions for eating, drinking, and bathing the night before surgery
  • Come to your appointment in comfy clothes (a button-up blouse is much easier to remove after surgery when your breasts will be sore)

Don’t worry - you will of course be provided with complete instructions so you know exactly what to do and have something to refer to.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Dr. Bogue performs a breast reduction in an operating room under general anesthesia. The procedure usually takes about 3 hours to complete. During the surgery, he removes the excess skin and breast tissue. The nipple is raised to a higher, more aesthetically pleasing position. The results are smaller, lighter breasts that are lifted on the chest. Breast reduction is an outpatient surgery, which means that you return home shortly after surgery and do not need to spend the night.

What is the Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery?

The exact timeline depends on the steps taken in your procedure. Like any surgical process, you will need to take time off from exercise, work, and certain other activities. We will provide you with precise dates and durations at the time of your consultation. Breast reduction is an outpatient procedure, so you will return home shortly after a period of supervised recovery at the surgical facility. You will feel groggy and tired from the anesthesia. It’s important to walk around to promote blood flow, but you should intersperse this with resting the rest of the day. If you experience soreness, discomfort, or postoperative pain, take the prescription medications or over-the-counter pain relievers as previously instructed by Dr. Bogue.

Although your exact timeline could vary, you can generally expect to:

  • Have pre-arranged for your spouse, a family member, or friend to stay with you for at least 24 hours after surgery
  • Take a few days off from showering
  • Don’t submerge in a tub or pool for 4-6 weeks
  • Return to work after 1 week, provided the job is mostly a desk job/light duty job that doesn’t involve heavy lifting or exertion
  • Wait 3-4 weeks before resuming exercise routines

Know that recovery takes time. You’ve made an investment in yourself and it’s important to protect that investment by following the aftercare instructions. It’s completely normal to feel tired throughout the several weeks following surgery. You may experience soreness and tightness off and on. After a few months, everything should start feeling normal again.

The results you can expect

Breast reduction patients generally have very positive feedback about their results. Reducing the size and weight of the breasts can make exercise and daily activities so much more comfortable and realistic. It can eliminate a source of physical and psychological discomfort. Problems like chafing, ill-fitting bras, and irritated skin are often reduced or eliminated. You may feel much more confident and at-home in your skin once the excess breast weight is removed. Your lighter breasts should last a lifetime as long as significant weight gain doesn’t occur. You will of course notice the ongoing effects of aging, so you will experience breast sag in your later years, but your breasts will be smaller and lighter regardless.

"I highly recommend Dr. Bogue. He has a very nice manner and is very kind. I had a breast reduction on one breast while getting mastectomy on the left. He was very helpful in assisting with my fears. Plus I had absolutely no pain on the side of the breast reduction. It is a work of art!"

- Anonymous

Questions About Breast Reduction

Is Breast Reduction Surgery safe?

All surgery does involve a certain degree of risk and breast reduction is no different. You can reduce your risk of serious complications by choosing an experienced, qualified, and trained surgeon like Dr. Bogue. You should also disclose your complete health history in your consultation, so Dr. Bogue can make sure the procedure will be as safe as possible for you. We will disclose the comprehensive list of potential risks at the time of your consultation so that you can make an informed decision. Breast reduction is overall a generally safe procedure based on the rate of complications nationwide.

Is Breast Reduction Surgery painful?

The procedure itself is not painful because you will be under general anesthesia. People react to the recovery process differently, but most people do experience some degree of soreness, tightness, and mild discomfort. Take the medications to relieve pain as instructed.

How much does Breast Reduction Surgery cost?

How breast reduction could change your life

The cost of breast reduction varies quite widely and is affected by the geographic region and by the exact plan for your procedure, whether it is being combined with other procedures, and other factors. The national average is around $7,000-$12,000, but again, this can vary quite widely. You will receive the estimate of cost at the time of your consultation. Once you’ve discussed the treatment options with Dr. Bogue, our front office staff will prepare the cost estimates of the different options so that you can review them.

Does insurance cover breast reduction?

The answer to this question depends on what type of insurance you have. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of a breast reduction if several criteria are met. These criteria often include associated symptoms, such as back or neck pain, shoulder notching from bra straps, rashes, and multiple physicians documenting breast size as a causative factor for these symptoms. Even with all of this documentation, insurance companies may deny coverage.

Do you have to remove the nipple in a breast reduction?

No. In fact, it is quite rare to remove the nipple from the breast and graft it back on. Rather, we use a "pedicle" of breast tissue underneath the nipple, which allows rotation of the nipple while preserving its attachment to the milk ducts and its sensory nerves.

Can you make the areolas smaller?

Yes! It is quite easy to make the areolas smaller and is necessary in most cases. Large areolas may fit large breasts, but after a reduction the new areola is often made smaller to suit the smaller breast.

I've heard that some women get implants with their reductions. Why is this?

A breast reduction combined with the placement of an implant seems like a contradiction. However, although a breast reduction improves the shape of the breast, it is difficult to create long-lasting fullness above the nipple. The new breast shape will usually drop into a natural tear-drop shape. In certain cases where upper pole fullness is desired, a small implant may be placed to add this fullness.

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