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Graphic outlines tummy tuck recovery with Dr. David Bogue Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgeries in the United States year over year. The tummy tuck is an invasive procedure, and as with any form of surgery, you’ll need to prepare for recovery and follow Dr. Bogue's post-op instructions. Our board-certified plastic surgeon offers the mini tummy tuck, full abdominoplasty, and other options. The healing process depends on the type of plastic surgery and your body.

If you’re interested in a tummy tuck, please contact Dr. David Bogue today at 561-886-1000 to schedule your consultation or ask questions. We serve patients in Boca Raton and nearby areas such as Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, and West Palm Beach, Florida.

 During your consultation, Dr. Bogue will discuss the details of your abdominoplasty. The tummy tuck recovery typically involves:

 Your Tummy Tuck Options and Unique Recovery

There are several variations of the tummy tuck we offer at our Boca Raton office. The full version removes loose sagging skin from the upper and lower abdomen and tightens the corset-like abdominal muscles to provide a flatter contour. The mini-tummy tuck focuses on excess skin and fat beneath the belly button and requires less recovery time than the circumferential body lift which expands the traditional abdominoplasty to include loose skin and fat in the thighs, buttocks, and lower back. Dr. Bogue also offers the extended tummy tuck, which involves the hips, outer thighs, and/or flanks (love handles).

A tummy tuck can also be combined with liposuction, breast surgery, or a lift procedure to address multiple body concerns at once. The mommy makeover is a common combination plastic surgery that cuts back on recovery time and potential complications.

Your tummy tuck recovery will depend on the variation of abdominoplasty. Each patient and procedure are unique. Dr. Bogue will explain what you can expect while you heal and the timeline of your recovery during your in-depth consultation. You’ll discuss your medical history, cosmetic goals, and determine if you’re a good candidate for a tummy tuck. Certain medications and health conditions can interfere with recovery or increase the risk of complications.

How to Prepare for the Healing Process

Staying hydrated and eating a nutritional diet is a crucial part of recovery. You can prepare your home ahead of time by making and freezing meals. You’ll need to have a friend or family member to help you during the first few days after your tummy tuck. If you have small children, you’ll need to arrange for childcare because you’ll be limited on how much you can lift and need to get the appropriate amount of rest. Dr. Bogue may prescribe medications to help you deal with discomfort, but over-the-counter options can work well to manage pain and swelling.

You can reach out to our Boca Raton office at any time during your recovery to address any questions or concerns you have while healing.

Week 1

An abdominoplasty doesn’t typically require an overnight stay. You’ll need someone to drive you home and help you for the first three days. A low-sodium diet can reduce swelling. You can expect to experience some degree of discomfort and have bruising, swelling, and tightness in the treated area. A drain is often used after a tummy tuck to keep excess fluid from the incision site and body. These drains may be needed for three days to a full week.

Your bandages will need to be kept clean and replaced every other day after your tummy tuck. Change them gently and as directed by Dr. Bogue. A compression garment is used to help recovery and swelling. You’ll need to wear it during the first few weeks at all times. You may sponge bathe or shower carefully 24-48 hours after your abdominoplasty but wait to do so if you’re feeling lightheaded.

During this resting period, stay slightly bent at the waist, which can be done using pillows to prop you up. Use a cold compress to aid discomfort and help address swelling. Your activities are significantly limiting during this first phase of recovery. Don’t drive or exercise, though some walking is recommended to increase blood flow. Avoid chores, smoking, and drinking alcohol as well as take 1-2 weeks away from work.

Week 2

You can return to your regular diet during the second week of recovery. You’ll likely still have swelling, but the pain, tightness, and any bruising should start to fade. Lightly massaging the area can improve healing and scar treatments can be used such as silicone sheets, but these should only be used after speaking with our plastic surgeon. The compression garment is still needed during this phase, but you can return to work between ten and 14 days after your plastic surgery. However, if you’ve had additional procedures such as a butt lift, breast augmentation, or liposuction, your recovery may require more time. Avoid exercise and stay away from drinking and smoking.

Make sure you stay well hydrated and take short walks.

Weeks 3-4

A compression garment may be necessary for up to four weeks after your tummy tuck. You can return to everyday activities and light exercise during this time but maintain a well-balanced diet to keep your results and stay within your ideal weight range. Sit-ups, weight lifting and other like workouts should be avoided for several weeks or until you’ve been cleared to do so by Dr. Bogue. Bruising and swelling will be significantly better, and you’ll notice your results settling in.

A majority of our Boca Raton patients go back to work within two to four weeks, but that depends on your profession. Someone who works a desk job will return to work before someone whose job requires heavy lifting and involves strenuous activities.

Weeks 6-8

The entire tummy tuck recovery process will generally take between six and eight weeks. You’ll still need to stay away from lifting heavy objects, strenuous activities, and running during this time, but your day-to-day schedule will be back to normal. This healing timeline varies by patient and procedure, and you’ll start to enjoy your final results within this time frame as well.

Recovery Tips for a Tummy Tuck

Dr. Bogue and our experienced staff will provide you with recovery information and explain the process from start to finish. It’s essential to be prepared for any surgical procedure, and we recommend following these tips to ensure excellent tummy tuck results:

  • Take pain relief medications as directed
  • Wear your compression garment at all times
  • Get plenty of rest while staying bent at the waist
  • Have a loved one around to help for at least three days
  • Drink plenty of water and follow a low-sodium diet initially
  • Go on brief walks when advised to do so to boost blood flow
  • An ice compress can ease pain and swelling

Contact Dr. David Bogue in Boca Raton

 Dr. Bogue is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).  The ABPS requires surgeons to go through additional training and written and oral exams to earn this esteemed title. Board-certified plastic surgeons are required to re-certify every ten years to ensure they’re up to date on new techniques and technologies. Dr. Bogue's performed countless face, breast, and body procedures to help our patients achieve their ideal look.

If you’re interested in a tummy tuck or have questions about plastic surgery, please contact us in Boca Raton today at (561) 886-1000 to schedule your consultation. We serve patients in surrounding Florida areas, including Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, and Ft Lauderdale.

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