4 Warning Signs You Need Breast Implant Revision

Silicone breast implant on hands

Plastic surgeon holds breast implant to discuss revision surgery Breast implants are durable medical devices that are made to last. However, just like other devices such as the pacemaker, they may need to be replaced in the future to address health or cosmetic issues. Many women who have breast implants want or need to adjust their results at some point to improve or restore results or to correct a complication.

There are a variety of reasons for breast implant revision, including:

1. Implant Rupture

While the risk of implant rupture is often low, it can occur with all forms of implants, be they silicone, saline, or gummy bear. Any variation of breakage can create noticeable changes in the shape and size of your breasts, potentially making them appear uneven. Saline implants “deflate” rapidly after a rupture as your body naturally absorbs the saltwater spilling out of the silicone shell. A silicone rupture is more difficult to discern as the cohesive nature of the silicone helps the filling maintain its shape. In either event, implant revision surgery is necessary to remove your breast implant and/or replace the damaged implant(s).

2. Capsular Contracture or Changes in Implant Feel

Capsular contracture is another potential complication that occurs when the scar tissue encapsulating the breast implant grows too thick due to a reaction from your body’s immune system. That excessive scar tissue hardens the breasts and can warp the shape and positioning of the breast implant. Breast implant revision surgery is required to correct capsular contracture. Breast pain may occur, and the breasts may feel firm or hard and not like natural breast tissue. Remember, the goal of breast augmentation with breast implants is to provide a natural look and feel.

3. Changes in Implant Position

As you grow older or your body experiences big changes such as pregnancy or significant weight loss or gain, your breast implants can move or shift. The breast tissue may thin and fail to provide adequate support for the implant, causing it to reposition. There are several ways to address implant repositioning through breast implant revision surgery, such as using sutures and techniques that provide optimal reinforcement.

4. No Longer Happy with Your Results

Some women choose breast implant revision because they’re unhappy or no longer happy with their breast augmentation results. This can involve replacing the implants with larger or smaller versions or with a different form of breast implant such as saline. Women who’ve gained or lost a large amount of weight may want to have revision surgery to address asymmetry or disproportioned breasts after these life changes.

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