How Do I Get Gynecomastia Surgery?

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A man with glasses and an auburn sweater crosses his arms and smiles broadlyIf you are a man unhappy with the appearance of male breasts, then gynecomastia surgery may be right for you. Gynecomastia is a common condition that causes swollen male breast tissue. It is most often caused by a hormonal imbalance involving estrogen and testosterone. Contributing factors include obesity, poor nutrition and certain underlying conditions. There are also a variety of medications that may contribute to gynecomastia.

Once you’ve worked with your primary doctor to identify a cause, schedule a consultation with Dr. Bogue to learn more about gynecomastia surgery. Your doctor will let you know whether there are any underlying conditions requiring medical treatment. Oftentimes, there is no particular underlying cause, but there is excess skin and/or fat that can be reduced by Dr. Bogue.

Depending on the excess tissue present, your procedure may include the following:

  • Reducing fat through liposuction
  • Reducing excess skin
  • A combination of both fat and skin reduction

Your consultation with Dr. Bogue includes a discussion of the procedure and an assessment of your candidacy. Dr. Bogue cares deeply that his patients are matched to the right treatment. He’ll let you know all of your options, as well as what is involved in each. Liposuction of excess male breast fat is often a good solution. It restores a firmer, flatter chest so you can feel more confident.

Evaluating your candidacy includes making sure you are in good overall health. We want you to be healthy so you can undergo surgery and the healing process afterward. Good candidates for this procedure are at or near a body weight considered healthy for their age and height. If you are significantly overweight, Dr. Bogue may recommend weight loss before pursuing the procedure. Losing weight may be enough on its own to reduce excess breast tissue. If you choose to eliminate lingering fat after weight loss, your results will look optimal because you will be at an ideal weight.

If you live in or around Boca Raton, FL, and if you want to find out if you are a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery, please call our experienced team at 561-886-1000. We are happy to answer your questions and arrange a consultation for you with Dr. Bogue.

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