The Best Breast Lift Techniques for Each Severity of Sagging

breast lift techniques

breast lift techniques Everyone would prefer that their bodies stay smooth and taut throughout their lives. Unfortunately, sagging is a natural part of life and can be caused by far more than just the unavoidable process of aging. And for many, the breasts are a common place where this sagging can occur. But thanks to a variety of advanced and innovative breast lift techniques, your breasts could be fuller and tighter than ever before!

When it comes to breast lift surgery, there are five main techniques that are used to combat sagging. Here are those methods organized by the extent of breast sagging that they work to address.

For Minimal Sagging

Minimal breast sagging is best resolved by two standard types of breast lift: the crescent lift and the scarless lift. The crescent lift is a technique that involves creating an incision just above the areola that removes a crescent-shaped piece of skin tissue to tighten the surrounding breast. Meanwhile, the scarless lift encompasses a variety of breast lift techniques that deliver the best lift possible with as little scarring as possible, such as breast implants or SmartLipo.

For Moderate Sagging

Next up is another pair of techniques that are best used to address moderate sagging of the breast. The lollipop lift (also known as a keyhole incision) creates an incision around the entirety of the areola and then down to the underside of the breast—taking on its lollipop shape—in order to reduce moderate breast sagging. On the other hand, the donut lift breast lift technique creates one incision fully encompassing the areola and can be used for both minor and moderate cases of sagging.

For Severe Sagging

Finally, for more severe breast sagging, the anchor incision is the best way to go. Following the initial path of the lollipop lift, the anchor incision is placed around the areola, down to the underside of your breast, and then continues along the crease in either direction. As this technique requires the most invasive procedure of those mentioned here, it isn’t recommended for lesser cases of breast sagging.

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