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Boca Raton Breast Implant Revision | David Bogue MDBreast augmentation results can change over the years. Breast implants are not lifetime devices, and it is possible for them to fail or rupture. Many women also want to change some aspect of their breast implants at some point, whether it be size, shape or style. Still other women experience a breast implant complication requiring correction.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Bogue provides breast implant revision to restore beautiful, pleasing results. To schedule a  consultation with Dr. Bogue, please call (561) 886-1002.

What is Breast Implant Revision?

If you are having problems with your breast implants or simply want to change the size, shape or style of your breast implants, then you are a candidate for breast implant revision. Some of the most common reasons women pursue implant revision are the following:

  • Desire for different sized implants
  • Breast implant rupture or deflation
  • Noticeable implant wrinkling
  • Implants in the wrong position (malposition)
  • Switching from saline to silicone
  • Capsular contracture/hardening of scar tissue
  • Implants meet over the sternum (symmastia)
  • Breast sagging or breast drooping
  • Desire to remove the breast implants altogether

Dr. Bogue can help you decide if revision is right for you.

"Dear Dr. Bogue, thank you for your wonderful treatment services! Your sincere concern for the patient was very evident throughout my visits. I am very impressed with the quality of care involved; the BEST."

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How is Breast Implant Revision Surgery Performed?

Breast implant revision procedures are performed in an operating room by Dr. Bogue. Revisions range in complexity from a straightforward implant replacement to a complicated reconstruction of the implant space. Almost all breast implant revisions are outpatient procedures, so you will return home that day without an overnight stay. Breast implant revision is typically outpatient, so you will return home without an overnight stay. After surgery, you'll need to take time off from work, exercise and other activities while your body heals. The exact nature of the downtime depends on what is being corrected with your revision. A simple implant exchange requires less downtime than correcting a capsular contracture or implant rupture. Dr. Bogue will go through the specifics of your revision in detail prior to surgery so that you know what to expect.

Dr. Bogue and our staff will be here to support you throughout your recovery. Every post-operative visit you will see Dr. Bogue and spend as much time as you need to have your questions and concerns addressed.

Breast Implant Removal Before & After Photos:

Breast Implant Revision

Breast Implant Revision FAQs:

Are breast implants under warranty?

Yes, certain types are under warranty. The newer generation of breast implants made by Mentor, Allergan and Sientra all have warranties. The warranties usually cover ruptured implants and some of the warranties are for the life of the device. Some manufacturers even have a warranty against capsular contracture.

Do I need to have any imaging studies prior to surgery?

Imaging studies can help in determining whether an implant is ruptured. An MRI (non-contrast) is the best study to look at the integrity of the implant. However, imaging is not necessary in most cases.

What should I bring to my office visit?

The most important information you can bring are the previous operative reports from previous breast surgeries. These operative reports contain vital information regarding what has been done in the past, what implants are present and any unusual findings. At the very least, it is important to know your implant information.

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