Choosing the Best Size for Breast Implants

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Best Breast Implant SizeOnce you decide that you want to enhance your figure with breast implants, one of the very next questions becomes what size do you want? This is a personal decision that is as unique as each woman.

To begin with at home, you can look at magazine or online photos of women whose proportions you admire. This will help you start to imagine what range of size you are thinking about. You can even try on some larger sized bras to get an approximate feel for how much you would like to increase your breast size.

When you meet with Dr. Bogue, we will measure your breast dimensions and narrow your selection to a range of sizes that fit well with your body. With our in-office Mentor sizing system and advice from Dr. Bogue, you can choose the implant size that will give you the results you are looking for.

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