Which Breast Surgery is Right for You?

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Infographic showing the signs you may be a breast surgery candidateAs someone considering breast surgery, you have several choices. In some cases, breast surgeries can even be combined to provide ideal results, such as an augmentation combined with a lift. Dr. David Bogue is an experienced plastic surgeon who can help you decide if breast surgery is right for you. Some of the main procedures are –

Breast Augmentation: The number 1 most popular cosmetic procedure year after year is breast enlargement. Using saline or silicone breast implants, Dr. Bogue can create the breast size you’ve always wanted.

Breast Lift: Elongated, deflated, drooping breasts can be lifted with the mastopexy procedure. It is commonly requested by women who are unhappy with the way pregnancy, weight loss, or aging has changed their breasts. A breast lift can also address nipples that have sagged downward, as well as stretched and enlarged areolas.

Breast Reduction: Very large, heavy breasts can be uncomfortable, both physically and psychologically. By reducing the excess tissue, your breasts can be a size that looks and feels great. Many women find that they feel more confident, and that exercise and an active lifestyle is more comfortable once the excess heft has been removed.

Breast Reconstruction: Following mastectomy or lumpectomy, breast reconstruction restores the appearance of breasts. Following mastectomy, breasts can be restored with breast implants or with tissue flaps of your own skin, grafted from another area of your body.

Breast Implant Removal or Revision: Like most things in life, breast implants do not last forever. Although many women continue to be happy with their original augmentation results for decades, eventually you may decide to modify the size, or change the type of breast implant. It’s also possible an issue like implant rippling will arise, in which case the implants may need to be replaced. In other cases, a woman may choose to remove her breast implants completely.

Customized Recommendations from an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

If you are interested in breast surgery but you’re not quite sure which procedure is right for you, experienced plastic surgeon Dr. David Bogue is ready to help you decide what’s next. After meeting with you to discuss your goals, Dr. Bogue will be able to make a completely customized treatment plan and present all of your options. To arrange a consultation in Boca Raton, FL, please call our experienced team at 561-886-1000.

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