Body Contouring

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Body contouring is the general term used to describe the tightening or lifting of various parts of the body. This may be the thighs, chest, upper arms, or breasts. For people who have lost significant weight, the excess skin can be a problem in all of these areas. Body contouring surgery performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Bogue removes this excess skin improving your physique and confidence in how you look.

Types of Body Contouring Procedures

Body contouring procedures performed by Dr. Bogue are:

  • Body lift. This technique typically involves making a circumferential excision (removal) of skin reaching from the abdomen around to your back, which improves the appearance of the abdomen, waist, outer thighs, back and buttocks.
  • Arm lift. An arm lift removes hanging skin from the arms and upper axilla via an incision from the elbow to the chest.
  • Inner thigh lift. The inner thigh lift can improve sagging skin of the thigh, tighten the thigh, and even improve skin overhanging the knee. The incision is hidden in the groin for conservative lifts, or may extend down the inner thigh for larger lifts.
  • Breast lift. A mastopexy or breast lift elevates and tightens the breasts by removing excess skin, reshaping the breast gland, and repositioning the nipple. Breast lifts are often combined with breast augmentation to increase the size of the breast or to provide fullness in the upper pole. 

These procedures are all categorized as body contouring surgeries because they are all aimed at removing excess, hanging skin from various areas of your body.

Body contouring is commonly requested by men and women who have undergone bariatric surgery, which tends to result in significant weight loss. Other people seek out body contouring because of skin that has begun to sag as a result of aging. Regardless of reason, body contouring can have dramatic effects. For some patients, the procedures are staged to maximize safety and improve outcomes.

"Dear Dr. Bogue, thank you for the awesome care during my past two surgeries. I am so grateful! – Cindy"

"David, thank you so much for everything you have done to help Cindy. I am so grateful for your kindness, skill and support."

Finding Out If Body Contouring Is Right for You

Cosmetic Surgery Body Procedures in Bocat Raton | David Bogue Plastic SurgeryTypically, if you are in good physical health, then you are a good candidate for body contouring to remove excess, hanging skin. The only way to know for sure is to visit Dr. Bogue for an in-person consultation. In addition to performing a physical assessment, Dr. Bogue will discuss with you some of the following factors:

  • Current health issues
  • Nutritional status
  • Weight loss objectives and goals
  • Expectations of the procedure
  • Planning the procedure, staging, and recovery

Depending on the exact procedure, body contouring can be a longer surgery compared to other surgeries. As such, proper medical clearance is essential. These procedures are performed in a hospital setting with general anesthesia. Some procedures are outpatient and allow you to return home the same day. Others require an overnight stay. Dr. Bogue will evaluate the option of combining multiple procedures into a single operation versus staging the procedures over time.

To schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Bogue, please call (561) 886-1002. Dr. Bogue provides body contouring surgery in Boca Raton with people visiting him from across the state, including West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.