Am I A Candidate for Facial Fat Transfer?

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Facial rejuvenation is a broad term that can involve a number of different approaches. At our Boca Raton plastic surgery office, we perform both surgical and non-surgical treatments that seek to correct the signs of aging that commonly affect the face. Where we once relied heavily on injectable dermal fillers, we now often turn to fat to beautifully smooth lines and improve facial contours. The fat transfer procedure is relatively quick and convenient, and it achieves truly beautiful results that far outlast what dermal fillers can do.

The Fat Transfer Procedure

To rejuvenate the shape of the face using your own fat, Dr. Bogue performs liposuction. This may be done in the office using sterile techniques and a local anesthetic that completely numbs the donor area from which fat will be taken. The fat that is extracted during liposuction must be processed to separate out the pure fat cells from extraneous fluids and blood cells. The pure fat can then be injected beneath lines and creases, in the cheeks or temples, along the jawline, and in other areas to restore a much more youthful appearance. Depending on your needs and desired outcome, you may even combine the fat grafting procedure with a facelift or other form of facial rejuvenation. When facial fat transfer is performed on its own, without additional surgical procedures, you can expect to experience bruising and swelling in two or more areas of your body, depending on how many sites the doctor draws fat from. That said, your recovery from this treatment shouldn’t last longer than about 10 days. After that time, you may still have minor swelling but not so much that your face appears distorted. It continues to be necessary to avoid strenuous activity for three to four weeks after the fat has been placed. This way, you do not exacerbate your side effects or increase the chances of fat resorption.

Facial rejuvenation options seem to continue to expand with each passing year. We are excited to have the opportunity to refresh our patients’ faces using long-lasting fat cells as well as temporary fillers. To learn more about facial fat transfer and our other treatments, contact us at 561-886-1000.

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