The Top 3 Most Common Reasons for Breast Implant Removal

breast implant removal (1)

breast implant removal (1) Breast implants are an excellent way to achieve the look that you’ve always wanted out of your body. However, as is possible with all cosmetic surgeries, people sometimes later regret their decision for one reason or another. Thankfully, breast implant removal is always an option that remains on the table. And though most people remain satisfied with their implants, there are plenty of valid reasons that you may want to consider a breast explant.

The three most common reasons are as follows:

A General Discomfort

As with many things, it can be challenging to know exactly how you’ll feel—both emotionally and physically—once you’ve received your breast implants. If you find that the implants are frequently putting you in discomfort since you received them or have begun to do so as you have grown in age, breast implant removal is likely an optimal choice moving forward. Likewise, if there is no physical discomfort but rather a strong emotional discomfort that you feel with your implants, explants are an equally valid option.

A Worry About Ruptures

Though uncommon, there is always a chance breast implants may rupture. If you find that you’re worried about a ruptured breast implant due to the age of the implant itself or some other factor, such as a recent and significant gain or loss in weight, breast implant removal can put your mind at ease. However, be sure to consult Dr. Bogue before making any final decisions.

A Change of Mind

Has age caused the implants to appear less than satisfactory? Have you changed your mind about the risk of implant ruptures? No matter the reason, if you have a change of mind about your breast implants—whether you’ve only had them for a year or they’ve been enhancing your look for over a decade—breast implant removal may be the right option for you.

Top Breast Implant Removal in Boca Raton, FL

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