How Soon Can I Have Breast Augmentation Revision?

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A skinny woman in a pink bikini walks along the beach The question of how long to wait to have a breast augmentation revision depends on the reason you are seeking the procedure.

Are you concerned about recent surgical results? Breast augmentation results need time to take shape. After the procedure, your breasts will be swollen. They will be higher on your chest than you may have expected: They need time to settle and drop. Your breasts may not have the shape you pictured because of the swelling, and they may look asymmetrical. All of these things are completely normal. You need to allow at least 3-4 months before assessing the results. Most of the swelling should be gone by then, but note that mild swelling and changes in shape occur for 6-12 months after the procedure.

If you recently underwent breast augmentation, you need to wait for everything to heal before assessing your results. Check with Dr. Bogue if something is bothering you.

Are you wishing to refresh previous results or correct a problem? If you received breast augmentation years ago and want to update or refresh your results, Dr. Bogue plans a revision based on the outcomes you want.

Are you unhappy with another practice’s results? It’s important to choose a board-certified, experienced plastic surgeon who is capable of providing great results. If you are unhappy with some aspect of the previous surgeon’s procedure, Dr. Bogue can perform a revision to produce results you’ll love.

As an experienced provider of breast augmentation and breast augmentation revision, Dr. David Bogue has helped many women achieve the bust they’ve always wanted. While an initial breast augmentation is performed to increase the size and improve the overall shape of the breasts, there is a wide range of motivations for breast revision:

  • To get larger or smaller breast implants than before
  • To correct asymmetry
  • To switch from saline to silicone
  • To reduce and tighten skin that has begun to sag around the breast implants
  • To correct rippling, malposition or some other technical issue
  • To correct capsular contracture
  • To remove breast implants entirely
  • To correct some aspect of your breast augmentation that is making you less than satisfied with the results

Those are some of the most common reasons for revision. There are others, and Dr. Bogue helps you decide if revision will be beneficial.

To arrange a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Bogue in Boca Raton, FL, please call our friendly team at 561-886-1000.

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