What Type of Breast Implant Is Right for Me?

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A middle-aged woman in a bikini and sun hat.If you are considering a breast augmentation, you are probably wondering which type of implant will help you achieve your desired results. When it comes to breast implants, there are several sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from and each provides their own unique advantages. Here are some of the features to consider when choosing a breast implant that is right for you.


Breast implants have a variety of sizes available, all of which are measured in cubic centimeters. The size you should use depends on the amount of breast tissue you already have and whether it can support the enhancement.

The smallest breast implant sizes are 125-250cc, which is ideal for those who want to address asymmetry or increase their size to an A cup. For those who already have an A cup and want to go up, a 275-300cc implant will increase your breast size to a B cup, while a 325-475cc implant will jump your breasts up to a C cup. Larger implant sizes, such as 500cc, are best for those who already have substantial breast tissue and want to increase their size to a D or DD cup.


When looking for a breast implant, there are typically three materials to choose from: silicone implants, saline implants, and gummy bear implants. Each of these options provides a different amount of give and shape retention.

Silicone implants are the most popular and are FDA-approved for women 22 years of age or older. They mimic the feel of breast tissue, providing a natural look that is resistant to rippling and wrinkling.

Saline implants are approved for women ages 18 and older and are a cost-effective option for many patients. If these implants rupture, it is immediately noticeable, but the saline solution is naturally absorbed by the body.

Gummy bear or form-stable implants are a new type of material that is better at maintaining its shape than silicone implants. These implants provide the most natural look and feel and retain their shape after a rupture.

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